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PVC Fencing - Equine Post & Rail / Paddock Fence & Gates

PVC Equestrian Rail Fences

Create the ideal equestrian haven with PVC Equestrian Post & Rail and Ranch Style Fences for Horse Arenas & Paddocks by Value Fencing. Our durable, low-maintenance fencing solutions ensure the safety and beauty of your equine spaces. Explore our range to provide your horses with the finest in comfort and security

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PVC Equine Post & Rail Horse Paddock & Equestrian fence options:
Best Quality PVC Equine Post & Rail Horse Paddock & Equestrian fence s for your Equestrian farm or arena. Available in a variety of rail profiles, rail types & quantities. Gates custom made to match rail fence styles in any required type or size. Value Fencing PVC Budget range, classic style and proper Ranch styles at unbeatable prices. All materials are ASTM certified for "fencing" use at the highest possible grade and is totally UV Resistant.


Looking for a durable and attractive fencing option for your paddock, stable, or equestrian farm?

Look no further than Value Fencing PVC (vinyl) options.

Our fences are made from high-grade UV resistant PVC material and come with our No Nonsense 20-Year Warranty.

PVC fences require no maintenance, and will never rust or rot, meaning you'll never have to worry about painting them. We offer a variety of eye-catching options, all custom made to meet your site requirements, with the flexibility to choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 rails.

Our PVC fence options are affordable and designed to last, with prices starting from:

  • Posts: R 498 for our standard posts (1650mm x 102x102mm square unfilled),
  • R 568 for our standard posts (1900mm x 102x102mm square unfilled),
  • Rails: R 175 per rail for our 76x76mm square option (1,9m wide),
  • R 165 per rail for our Buget 38x140mm rectangular option (1,9m wide),
  • R 235 per rail for our Flagship 51x152mm rectangular option (1,9m wide)

Installation labor is priced at R 250 per post, plus R 85 for 25MPA concrete and 2x Y-8 x 1500mm Ribbed Re-enforcing rods to fill and set posts. Transport fees vary depending on your location and the number of days required for the job.

Please note that the above prices are a guideline only, as site requirements and post quantities can affect the final price. Gates are excluded from the above estimation, but we do offer custom-made gates in various options, including pedestrian, swing, and dual leaf sets.

Our 2, 3, and 4-rail equine fences are perfect for adding style and class to your ranch or farm. They are made using high-quality rectangle rails (51x152mm) and are available in a budget option that utilizes rectangle 38x139mm rails. PVC Pedestrian or dual swing gates are also available to match the fence.

Our square rail 2-rail paddock fence with style and class adds acres of beauty to your lot in any estate. Rails used are square 76x76mm to blend in with the wooden ones, and we offer PVC Pedestrian or dual swing gates built to match the fence or in a picket style.

The PVC Ranch style Equine Fence is precision manufactured and built with no need for any nails, staples, or screws. The no-taste factor of PVC decreases the likelihood of horse chewing it, making it the ultimate PVC equestrian or paddock fence solution.

Trust Value Fencing PVC (vinyl) options for your next fencing project.

PVC Paddock fence & Trellis screening, PE

youtube video
Value Fencing PVC Port Elizabeth Franchise installation of PVC Paddock post & rail fencing & gates with PVC Trellis privacy screening.
Author: Value Fencing PVC Franchise Group SA
Date: 2020-04-02
YouTube Title: PVC Paddock fence & gates with Trellis screening installation by Value Fencing PE (Port Elizabeth)
YouTube Author: Willie Labuschagne Value Fencing PVC
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@valuefencingpvc5917
Value Fencing PVC Post & Rail, Equine, Paddock equestrian fencing options:

PVC vinyl fencing is a very attractive and functional option for any paddock, stable or equestrian Farm.

Value Fencing's PVC (vinyl) options are extremely durable, made from high grade UV resistant PVC material and is covered by our No Nonsense 20 Years Warranty.

PVC requires No Maintenance and can Not Rust or Rot & will Never need to be painted.

We have various eye-catching options, all custom made as per site requirement:

PS: All can be done in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 rails.

PVC Post & Rail, Equine, Paddock equestrian fences offer the iconic American Ranch look.

All posts are 102x102mm square with steel re-enforced 25MPA concrete filling, or left unfilled if required.Rails are typically span 1,9m long and come in a choice of:

* 76x76mm

* 38x140m.

* 51x152mm

Value Fencing PVC offer custom made gates in various options including Pedestrian, Swing and dual leaf sets.