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Franchise Opportunities

franchise opportunities

Franchise Opportunities

Profitable Franchise Opportunities available in South Africa & Namibia

Thank you for your interest in our franchise group. Our company, Value Fencing, believes that:

"Everything in business is negotiable, except for quality."

In the PVC fencing industry, the Value Fencing PVC Franchise Group is widely regarded as the best, having been in operation for over 11 years. Value Fencing is the best PVC contractor in the world.

You will benefit from the support of the greatest and most experienced PVC fencing Franchise Group in Africa, which has a well-proven TRACK RECORD as well as tried and tested rules and processes.

Value Fencing are the leaders in PVC fencing in Southern Africa

If you deal with Value Fencing PVC Franchise Group SA & Namibia, the undisputed market leader in the PVC fencing (also known as plastic fence) industry in South Africa with by far the largest market share in the country, you can be confident in our proven Franchise Group systems, as well as our extensive product knowledge.

Only the highest quality PVC materials are utilized.

Our material is far superior in composition when comparing the quality of our rivals. Value Fencing's PVC material is the only one with proper ASTM certification for specifically:

  • PVC fencing at F 964 ASTM World Standard. (Other's are on conduits & cabling.) have a much higher grade Tio2 (Dupont brand non-chalking) at higher levels, opposed to the chalking grade our Competitors use.
  • Our company does not use calcium carbonate (CaC03) to partially substitute for titanium dioxide (Ti02), as some other companies do in order to cut material expenses. Consequently, the material becomes brittle and will shatter over time.

Post to Post Planting and Filling

When it comes to Post to Post, we employ a maximum span of 1,9m as compared to the 2,4m used by other organizations. Our posts are planted and filled with 25 to 30MPA steel-reinforced 42,5S concrete mix, as compared to others who do not fill posts or who fill posts with 12MPA construction cement and no re-bar (as opposed to others who do not fill posts). Many contractors don't even bother to fill theirs out at all.

Engineers Pendulum Tested Balustrade

Our balustrade is the only PVC that has been engineer pendulum tested and found to be satisfactory. All of our balustrades, pool fences, and gates are built in accordance with SANS & NBR principles, as well as local municipal by-laws. We have tried and tested systems, methods, and procedures in place, which have been created over time and have proven to be effective.

View the engineer's balustrade test video

Established and branded franchise in South Africa

Over the past 12 years, Value Fencing has established itself as a leader in the local PVC fencing sector in South Africa, setting the standard for the rest of the world.

In fact, we have designed all of the current PVC fencing types, styles, and systems that are in use by everyone. Value Fencing has imported and professionally installed over 146 x 40 Footer shipping containers (more than double the total number of competitors combined) of PVC materials of the highest possible quality and has a long list of satisfied customers to prove it.

As the first choice for Architects, Project Managers, Developers, and Building Contractors, we have been approved on the majority of estates.

Value Fencing PVC imposes rigorous standards of performance, quality, and workmanship that are guided by our strict Quality Management Policies.

As a result, we do not subcontract our installations and instead employ highly trained professional installers who have years of experience in the field of fence installation.

In order to ensure that each product satisfies the exact specifications for which it is intended, we custom construct each product.

  • 85mm newel gaps completed on the balustrade (Not 100mm as by others)
  • The maximum section width is 1.2 meters (Not 1,6m as by Other Contractors)
  • Appropriate T-top rails must be utilized (Not 51x89 rectangular Pool fence rails as by others)
  • Our balustrade complies with the NBR & SANS regulations' basic requirements for balusters and safety railing, respectively.
  • In addition, ours is the only PVC balustrade that has passed the Engineers' pendulum sand bag test.

FACT: Value Fencing was responsible for the design of the vast majority of PVC fencing types and styles currently in use throughout the world.

In comparison to other manufacturers, our revolutionary Gate Construction approach is considerably superior. others have copied, but not polished, this idea)

Comparison with Rivals:

  1. Our fence sections are 1,9m post to post, not 2,4m wide as theirs, making ours way more sturdy. (Ours require more posts which affect the price).
  2. Our material is of a much higher grade using more and higher-grade Dupont brand Ti02 for UV resistance and is the ONLY PVC material ASTM certified for "PVC Fencing" use, NOT cables & conduit. (see attached)
  3. Our posts are filled with 25-30MPA 42.5S concrete mix with steel re-enforcing, whereas other competitors use normal 32,5 Build cement at 12MPA and NO re-bar & the Other does not fill posts at all.
  4. Our gates & gate posts have Aluminium sleeve inserts for strength, hinge & latch mounting, ist is not hollow, nor do we use steel.
  5. With us, you have the backup of a 12-year-old Franchise group, not a relatively new Agent.
  6. Value Fencing had initially designed all the current PVC fencing styles used today. We are the true pioneers.
  7. We had come up with the most innovative way for gate construction using Aluminium internals (copied, but not perfected) by others.
  8. We provide a Mini Website for each of our Franchises to boost SEO & Local.

Please keep in mind that, despite what the competition may claim, not all PVC products/materials are created equal.

Both in terms of composition and installation, there are significant differences:

  • Ours are co-extruded with a protective outer layer, rather than single-extruded as some competitors.
  • Ours are completely free of recycled plastics and are made entirely of virgin PVC.
  • Ours is of F 964 World Standard quality, which makes it suitable for countries such as New Zealand, whereas lower-quality products are not permitted there.
  • Ours is the ONLY company that has received ASTM certification for a specific product: "PVC Fencing," whereas other companies' certifications are for internal cabling and conduit pipes*.
  • For UV resistance, we use high concentrations of Ti02 (Titanium Dioxide). We only use DUPONT brand non-chalking grade Ti02, as opposed to lower-cost grades from other manufacturers. Others partially substitute Ti02 with CAC03 (Calcium Carbonate) in order to save money, but this makes the product brittle and less flexible, which will result in it cracking and flaking in the future. (This material will appear significantly more blueish than the other materials.)
  • Our posts are filled with steel-reinforced concrete (not simply cement) at 25 to 30 PMA using only NPC Black 42,5S, which is used to build bridges and cures four times faster than regular cement-based concrete. Competitors use standard-issue construction cement and do not use steel reinforcing.
  • Others do not even bother to fill in the blanks on their job descriptions.

To put it another way, it's like comparing a Mercedes and a Korean automobile.

Self-Set-Up option

If you choose to do your own set-up, our basic package includes:

  • Fee for initiation: R 120 000 (exclusive of VAT).
  • Vat Month-to-month franchise fee: R 2750 Max R 2750 per month (average around R 2290) for the franchise
  • Advertising, leads, and administration fees, with a 10% annual increase.

You will be required to (but not limited to) the following tasks:

  • It will be necessary for you to establish a Mini factory.
  • Maintain a stock of approximately R 300 000.
  • Utilize a legitimate commercial property with approved signage to conduct business.
  • Vehicle decals with your company's logo
  • Owner, Manager, and Installers are needed to attend a training session at our Ballito facility (valued at a minimum of R 120 000).
  • Acceptance to our Terms and Conditions
  • Follow the procedures for using our systems.
  • Use the supplied Fence Software V21CFS package for quoting purposes on a monthly basis (the first down payment for the software is included in the Initiation cost), or alternatively, use the JOBBER Client Manager System for estimating reasons.
  • Use ONLY the SIM and phone number provided by Value Fencing, as well as the provided email address, to conduct all business and/or advertising for Value Fencing.
  • Our profit margins range from 25 percent to 55 percent, depending on the area and the competitors we are competing against.


Our stock is available for purchase by the container load in either 20 or 40 footers, with replenishment available from any of our warehouses.

The majority of our inventory is stored in big warehouses in Durban and Cape Town, with a little amount in Benoni.

Please Note: It is best to maintain merchandise on hand and replenish it from the warehouse if necessary, as transportation will eat up all of your profits if you do not.

Available Franchise Areas are as follows:

  • Limpopo
  • Mpumalanga
  • Northern Free State - (Welkom / Kroonstad)
  • Southern Free State - (Bloemfontein)
  • Newcastle
  • PMB & Midlands together
  • Vaal Triangle
  • Overberg Western Cape (Agulhus)
  • Cape Winelands
  • Amanzimtoti incl. Bluff & Chatsworth
  • Greater Durban incl. Pinetown & Westville.

The above areas are a few of the key areas. Please contact us for any regions not listed above.

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