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Best PVC Fencing Company in South Africa

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Plastic Fencing by the Best PVC Fencing Company in South Africa

PVC Plastic fencing offers a new way of fencing your property that is more durable than wooden fencing. It can handle all kinds of insects, weather, and maintenance and is truly stable. It comes in a wide array of colors created in the same dimension as the wood post. Plastic fences offer many unique perks in comparison to their metal, wood, and concrete counterparts.

Many individuals turn to it because of the benefits and advantages of plastic fencing over traditional wooden fencing. For some time now, improvements have been made to satisfy clients. Plastic fencing is a better option if you consider changing your fence from the traditional wooden fencing in your garden and home.

Plastic Fencing is ideal for housing associations, property developers, and homeowners who wish to eliminate the need for any maintenance. Plastic fencing is 100% rot-proof and impervious to water frost, insects, fungi, and algae.

Choosing Plastic Fencing for Your Home.

Installing a fence around your property can be one of the best long-term investments you make. Not only will it add value to your property and give you peace of mind, but it will also increase the security of your valuable belongings and loved ones. You’ll want to consider factors such as durability, design, cost, and ease of installation when deciding which type of fencing is best for you.

The right fence for your property will depend on several factors. You need to consider the age of the fence, whether the area needs to be fenced off or is protected by natural boundaries, and how you want people to feel when they’re in the space.

How the plastic fence is built depends partially on your needs and preferences. You want to find out your ideal site conditions and how the surrounding area will feel. Additionally, you can manage how well other people will deal with the fence’s presence by getting drop-in programs and/or installing pets.

Plastic fencing is low cost, minimal maintenance, and high durability are among the key factors propelling plastic fencing market size. plastic fencing market size will continue its dominance due to abundant availability, low cost, superior strength, and other mechanical properties. It is unaffected by insects or rot and need not be painted and requires only occasional washing to avoid the mold build-up making it a low-maintenance product. Further, the material is lightweight that makes it easier to install.

Different Plastic fencing designs

Plastic fences are available in many different styles, set-ups, colors, and textures. You could, for example, go for panels that look just like wood or concrete.

Plastic fencing is synonymous with quality, innovation, and style.

Plastic fencing is used to fence private homes, residential complexes, commercial and industrial properties, sports venues, shopping centers, and other similar locations.

What to Consider Before You Decide on Plastic Fencing

  • When to use plastic fencing
  • Where to use plastic fencing
  • What type of plastic fencing to use
  • How to install plastic fencing
  • Maintenance
  • Where to buy plastic fencing

Advantages of Installing a Plastic PVC Fence

There are numerous reasons why we think plastic fencing is a much better, safer, and more logical choice compared to any other wooden eco alternative products. 

First of all, plastic fencing panels will never need painting or staining. Unlike wooden fencing or timber fencing products, plastic fence panels and posts are made of material that is impervious to the elements so they will never rot or deteriorate, making them a low maintenance choice.

Additionally, they are a good choice because they are easy to install, low carbon, and incredibly eco-friendly. They are UV resistant, ensuring that the colors last.

A plastic vinyl fence is durable and adds value to your home and is a great option for homeowners looking for a fence that will stand out from the crowd.

  • Plastic fencing is low maintenance
  • Plastic fencing systems are strong and able to withstand storm-force winds.
  • Vinyl fencing is inexpensive.
  • Plastic vinyl fences are easy to install. You can put your fence up in just a few hours.
  • Vinyl fences are durable and easy to maintain.
  • This is a great way to add value and style to your home.
  • Plastic vinyl fences are much more versatile than wood or metal fences
  • There’s no risk for splinters
  • It does not need to be treated every year.
  • They are available in ready-made panels which makes placement relatively easy and quick.
  • Plastic fences are eco-friendly.

Low maintenance fencing

Unlike traditional wooden fencing PVC plastic does not require regular maintenance and doesn't rot. Just occasional cleaning with warm soapy water. Our low-maintenance products are crafted to add value, style, functionality and meet the strictest environmental legislation. The plastic fencing system is lead-free and uses recycled whenever possible, making it a better option for our customers. Plastic fencing systems do not require painting, don't rot, chip, or splinter, and are more child-friendly than wooden or traditional fencing.

Recyclable plastic

Plastic fencing systems are 100% lead-free and 84.75% recycled, making them better for our customers and the environment. Furthermore, all elements of plastic fencing are easily recyclable at the end of their lifespan.


Plastic fencing systems are strong and able to withstand storm-force winds. Our PVC fencing systems are durable, sturdy, long-lasting, and completely waterproof. They are 10% of the weight of concrete, making it easy to lift during installation.

A very significant thing about the plastic fencing system is that it covers all needs. If, for instance, you want to replace the wooden panel, plastic fencing PVC gravel boards will slot into the concrete post to create a full panel.

Wooden fencing panel, on the other hand, can be slot into plastic fencing uPVC fencing post with a gravel board at the bottom to protect the wood from damages.

Plastic fencing range

Our range of plastic building products for the garden keeps growing, we have plastics fence panels, picket fencing, post and rail fencing, and a range of decking and balustrade fencing to compliment the range.

Garden Privacy Fencing

Garden Privacy Fencing Plastic garden fence posts and stackable gravel boards can be used to produce a strong long lasting privacy fence between properties or around the entire garden. No painting is required they just need the occasional wash with some mild soapy water.

Garden Plastic Fence Posts

Garden Plastic Fence Posts and Gravel Boards Set to revolutionize the commercial fencing and domestic fencing market in South Africa. Plastic fence posts are strong maintenance free and they will last for years.

Garden Fencing Plastic Fence Panels

These fence panels will not deteriorate or change color, It will never need painting or creosoting and seldom need cleaning. DIY enthusiasts and the professional fencing installer is easily able to successfully install the product.

Value Fencing provides and installs a wide number of different plastic fences all over South Africa. Our plastic fences have become popular for many reasons, the first is that plastic fences will not erode due to weather and also are very low maintenance. Once you have installed one of our plastic fences you won't have to worry about them at all.

The plastic we use is very tough and will take a lot to break, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will still get the same high-quality finish and texture you would from a wooden fence.

Decorative plastic fences

A plastic fence doesn’t have to be made with full panels all the time. They’re also available as decorative fences, with the difference that the plastic versions need way less maintenance. Plastic fencing is typically a South African ‘white picket fence’. They look identical, but these won’t rot and don’t need to be painted every year either.

Plastic fence panels with wood look

Plastic fence panels with a wood-look are one of the most popular choices these days. They have a natural look of wood but don’t need any maintenance or cleaning. In addition, these fences are available in many different colors so it looks like you have a painted wooden fence. A special UV coating makes sure that the colors stay vibrant and don’t fade away. You could also choose the concrete fence slabs with a wood look. More info can be found here.

Plastic fence panels with concrete look

Concrete imitation is also quite popular. These fence panels need no maintenance. The added advantage of this fence in comparison with real concrete is that it’s very light. This makes placement much easier and heavy foundations completely unnecessary. These factors taken into account, make the prices of the plastic fence a lot lower than its concrete equivalent.

Price of plastic fences

The price range of plastic fences can be situated between European wood and textured concrete fence slabs. That makes the plastic fence a nice option for people with a moderate budget.

Why Buy Plastic Fencing?

PVC fencing has been around for a long time. Here are some of the fantastic benefits you’ll notice straight away.

Plastic Fencing is Virtually Maintenance Free

PVC fences are without a doubt some of the sturdiest you’ll find. Short of building a metal perimeter around your garden, a plastic fence will withstand weather and years of use. Once it’s installed, it’s there for as long as you want it to be. Modern plastic fences are sturdier than they used to be, too. These aren’t flimsy plastic sheets.

PVC Fencing will not erode

The main problem with wooden fencing is that it can very easily be spoiled by the weather. As mentioned, a plastic fence won't erode over time. While you can coat and protect wood all you like, it still won't weather the years the way a sturdy, plastic fencing system will.

Plastic is cost-effective

Plastic fences will save you money in years to come. Other fence systems will require regular upkeep, coating, and even replacement. These fences are virtually maintenance-free, you won’t have to pay out for fixes and repairs along the way. It’s well worth the price of installation.

PVC for other products

PVC is has become very popular throughout the building industry and has many other users such as PVC gutters and other plumbing parts because of its durability.

Stylish fences

Plastic fences arrive in a massive range of colors, styles, fits, and offer a variety of professional finishes. No matter the style, color, or shape, you will find the right look for your garden. After all, you're going to want a fence that not only does a great job but also looks fantastic from season to season.

Plastic fencing blends in.

Some people worry that plastic fences may look a little cheap. They are sturdy, modern fences are far from flimsy. These fencing systems are expertly designed and are installed with the utmost care and attention. An affordable, long-lasting PVC fencing system will also blend in perfectly with your garden.

Plastic fencing is an inherently low maintenance product due to its low weight, ease of installation, resistance to insects and rot, and low electrical runoff. Considering the fundamental properties of this product, scenes and executives chose to invest in LCPF for indoor and outdoor use. LCPF is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials to form barriers in gardens and the municipal environment. ‘Plastic fencing’, is now the leading product type, involved in many projects including schools, shopping centers, malls, hospitals, entertainment venues, residential communities, and other similar commercial settings. Consumers purchase LCPF due to its innate beauty, practicality, and lower electrical runoff compared to traditional products. Interestingly enough, the solid-surfaced type comprises 18% of total plastic imported into the United States, accounting for 85% of its stock. Considering that plastic plays a critical role in many products it stands to reason that plastic fencing is a popular choice of fencing materials.

Best PVC Fencing Company in South Africa