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Estate 3 Rail Style PVC Balustrade | Exceeding Safety Standards

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Introducing our Estate 3 rail style PVC Balustrade, meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the local National Building Regulation (NBR) and the esteemed SANS 10400 principal criteria for Balustrade, safety railings, and staircase railing.

With a minimum height of 1m and newels thoughtfully spaced at 100mm or less, our product effortlessly combines practicality and safety.

Rest assured, we strictly adhere to the SANS 10160 & 10400M, 10400B & 10400D regulation principal criteria, along with the NBR (National Building Regulations).

These steadfast commitments ensure that our PVC Balustrade and safety railing seamlessly comply with the industry's highest standards.

Our superior PVC Balustrade Posts are expertly installed using not one, but two Y-10 steel re-enforcing rods, each measuring a substantial 600mm in length. Inserted at a minimum depth of 150mm into the solid subbase, these posts are fortified with top-tier Rawl brand Epoxy and filled with a formidable 42.5S black cement 25MPA concrete mix.

The result? A rock-solid foundation that guarantees our product's unwavering stability and security.In the realm of safety, our PVC Balustrade has conquered the rigorous Pendulum Test, an exacting evaluation of structural integrity. Under this trial, a formidable 40kg sandbag is swung at a distance of 1.6m, a true testament to our product's remarkable strength and durability.

Its undeniable style effortlessly complements its impeccable safety standards.Coastal conditions are no match for our exceptional PVC Balustrade. Resistant to the notorious white rust that plagues alternative materials, our product stands firm, requiring minimal maintenance. Outshining stainless steel and aluminum in both quality and affordability, it presents an irresistible and cost-effective choice.

At Value Fencing, our commitment to excellence shines through our distinctive offerings. Unlike any other PVC Balustrade contractor, we proudly offer the distinguished T-rail as a top rail, elevating safety and elegance to unprecedented heights.

Furthermore, our newel sections span a maximum width of 1.2m, a thoughtful measure that surpasses industry standards, while others settle for 1.6m.Harnessing the extraordinary properties of PVC/vinyl, our material triumphs over chemical erosion and unforgiving weather conditions.

Fully compliant with the revered F 964 ASTM World Standard, it is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality.

As the trusted Contractor for all PVC Balustrade installations at Umhlanga Cabanas, our reputation speaks volumes.

When you choose Value Fencing, you opt for nothing less than a high-quality and long-lasting PVC Balustrade that goes above and beyond industry standards.

Entrust your safety and aesthetic aspirations to us, and experience the pinnacle of excellence.

Learn more here: https://valuefencing.co.za/pages/view/3/balustrade-3-rail-estate-style