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Value Fencing South Africa | Premier PVC Fencing Contractor | Durable & Maintenance-Free Solutions

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PVC Fencing South Africa

Top PVC Fencing Contractor in South Africa | Durable, Maintenance-Free Fences

Your Premier PVC Fencing Contractor in South Africa

As recognized by search engines, Value Fencing stands as the top-rated local PVC fencing contractor in South Africa. Our philosophy is simple: "Everything in business is negotiable, except Quality."

Value Fencing South Africa | Premier PVC Fencing Contractor | Durable & Maintenance-Free Solutions

Why Choose Value Fencing uPVC?

Unmatched Durability and Quality

Longevity: Our PVC fences are designed to last over 50 years.

Resistance: Highly resistant to chemical erosion and weather conditions, our PVC conforms to the F 964 ASTM World Standard for fencing use, unlike competitors who use materials meant for cabling and piping.

Maintenance-Free: Requires no maintenance other than occasional cleaning.

No Painting Required: Will not rust, rot, or be affected by termites.

Color Stability: Guaranteed not to discolor, flake, or become brittle, with a 20-year warranty.

Structural Integrity: Our posts are filled with steel-reinforced 42.5S black concrete mix at a minimum of 25MPA, unlike the hollow posts used by competitors.

Leading the Industry

Value Fencing is the market leader in PVC fencing in South Africa, holding the largest market share. Over the past 15 years, we have set the benchmark for the industry by importing and professionally installing over 171 40-foot shipping containers of top-quality PVC materials, more than double that of all our competitors combined.

Trusted by Professionals

Our PVC fencing is the preferred choice for architects, project managers, developers, and building contractors. We are approved by most estates and our products enhance the aesthetics and value of properties.

Superior Product Features

Dual-Sided Design: Our fences look the same from both sides, offering aesthetic appeal and cost-sharing benefits with neighbors.

Virgin PVC Material: Made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), our fences are UV-resistant, utilizing a minimum of 6.5% DUPONT Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) for superior protection, compared to the 3% industry standard.

Industry Leadership

Value Fencing has pioneered the PVC fencing industry in South Africa, setting rigorous standards for performance, quality, and workmanship. We do not subcontract installations, ensuring that our well-trained, professional installers deliver top-notch service.

Custom Manufacturing

Every product is custom manufactured to meet specific requirements. You can see our uPVC palisade fences and gates across numerous complexes on the Ballito Promenade and at the Salt Rock Mall on Mount Richmore Estate. These installations, some over 14 years old, demonstrate the durability and quality of our products.

Comprehensive Range of PVC Gates

Our gates, reinforced with aluminum inserts for strength, include:

Driveway sliding and dual swing gates

Pedestrian and courtyard gates

Safety and pool gates with auto-close/latch mechanisms

Our pool fences and gates comply with local municipal by-laws and national building regulations, featuring a height of 1.2m and slat spacing smaller than 100mm. They include adjustable auto-close mechanisms and dual pad-lockable latches made from powder-coated 304 stainless steel.

Strongest Balustrade Available

Our balustrades, requiring no maintenance other than occasional cleaning, conform to the NBR criteria for railings and balustrades as per SANS 10160 & 10400 B & D regulations. Mounted with high-grade epoxy and 30MPA concrete, our balustrades are among the few to pass the 40kg sandbag pendulum test, providing superior strength and durability.

For more details, visit our website and watch the demonstration video on our homepage.

Value Fencing, the leading PVC fencing contractor in South Africa. Offering durable, maintenance-free fences with a 20-year guarantee. Enhance your property with our high-quality, weather-resistant PVC fences. Contact us for a free quote today!