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ISO Certification for Specific: PVC Fence - Information

ISO Certification for Specific: PVC Fence - Information

Author: Value Fencing PVC Franchise Group SA
Date: 2020-04-03

Choose the best local PVC Fence brand:

ISO Certification at ASTM 9001:2015 "World Standard" fit for export to Australia & New Zealand with the harshest Sun on Earth.

Best Quality Material & Additives:

Note that our Certificates State: Production of "PVC fence", Not on internal cabling or condute pipes which is made up from a totally different chemical composition.

Avoid future surprises such as cracking, flaking & brittle materials after some years of installation by choosing the best PVC fencing material from the most trusted & highest rated PVC Fencing Company for peace of mind.

The 2 most expensive parts used in the PVC are Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) and a UV stabiliser.

We use only the best quality non flaking Dupont R105 Titanium Dioxide which is much more expensive than the next best additive. As UV Stabilizer, we use UV 531, 6010 and 6020 antioxidants. (Only the Best is good enough)

Our material is manufactured using Co-extrusion, ensuring the outer layer is packed with Ti02 to ensure it will not be affected by our local harsh Climate and unforgiving Coastal conditions. It will also not be affected by the Sun, as low grade PVC as used on garden furniture, plastic tables, chairs, condutes, downpipes & gutters do.

Value Fencing PVC Franchise Group SA is a proud member of SAVA (The South African Vinyl Association)

Then there is the the 2nd fear: Workmanship:

Don't gamble on a suppliers ability to "know what they are doing"

There are numerous pitfalls newbies would not know of, or they simply take Shortcuts to make more profit.

We at Value Fencing PVC, being the Pioneers in the local PVC Fencing industry had gone through all the teething stages, paying School fees as we learned, evolving our systems and methods over more than a decade to the most effective & reliable ones in the field to date.

Our Company is registered at CIPRO / COPC (Companies & Intellectual Property Registration) since 2003.

* We got your back!

In the earlier learning period he had stood up, Manned up & took it on the chin, taking such costs on us in order not to have a Client pay for our learning curves, which is a problem with the Newbies as we had to sort out numerous issues of theirs for very frustrated Clients, claiming they had been ripped off in various ways and then left to hang dry.

Value Fencing back our product with the best no nonsense guarantee. Short & to the point with no fine print.

Who knows if the chosen Contractor will still be around after 3 or 4 years when Your posts start cracking or flaking?

And in the highly unlikely event that they are still around, will they honor their so called "warranty", or find a lame excuse?

Our installs are professionally done in-house by our very experienced & trained installers, not by Sub-Contractors or guys picked up on the street.

Value Fencing PVC impose strict & rigorous standards of quality, performance and workmanship guided by our proven Quality Management Policies and Comprehensive training Manual being taught to our well experienced installers.

Value Fencing PVC had invested vast amounts of time & money in research & developing products, systems, tooling and machinery to ensure You, the Client get only the very best the PVC Fencing industry has to offer.

To ensure only the highest standards, each Franchise run a Mini factory where use CNC cutting table machines, PVC Welding stations (not handheld), Copy Routers, Custom made Jigs & more for our in-house fabrication from the Highest Quality long profile imported extrusions.

Our Motto is: "Everything in business is negotiable, except Quality"

Top Rated as Local Industry leaders:

Value Fencing proud ourselves with our proven track record, credibility & reliability with over a decade of experience in the PVC fencing industry.

It is no surprise that Value Fencing PVC Franchise Group SA is the Number 1 and Top Rated PVC Fencing Company in the Country, and one of the highest rated in the World!

Value Fencing PVC dominate the local PVC Fencing market in:

* Innovation

* Design

* Variety

* Product knowledge

* Experience

* Material Quality

* Workmanship

* Manufacture & Construction

* Back up

* Coverage (Franchises Countrywide)

Kindly search Google for our positive feedback & reviews from our loooong list of Happy Clients as reference.


Choosing Value Fencing PVC as your PVC fencing supplier is simply a "No Brainer"!

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